Pokemon Go Update Review

I’m gonna bother all of you with a review of the gym-update in Pokemon Go. Yes, I still play. I was never one to let go of an obsession easily.

Before the update, I had truly lost interest in the game. Having had a falling out with my local team, I was very much alone in the game, fighting not only the other teams, but especially my own team, which made it impossible for me to actually play the game, the way it was.

You see, the local team instinct were very good at bending the rules of the game, and especially at playing multi color accounts, making it very easy for them to make my life miserable when I asked them not to, well, be idiots. Perhaps I could have been more diplomatic about it, but long story short, they easily played me out of the game, because I asked them not to cheat.

With us moving, I didn’t care much, I just started fighting team mystic at my new area, but they surrendered way too easily, leaving me and my buddies the two gyms in my new neighborhood, nearly unopposed. Again, not much to play for.

I knew the update was coming, so I kept spinning a stop and catching a pokemon every day, so I wouldn’t lost my XP on day streaks, but that was about all I did. And I collected coins, of course.

When the update came and Trainer Club was offline for 30 hours on android, I nearly lost all interest in the game. It has been a year, and Trainer Club is still not working, where as people with Google accounts can always log in. I lost my precious “spin a stop and catch a pokemon” streak, which to me, is horrible. My obsessiveness cannot handle that.

My Trainer Club account is lvl 34 by now. I created a google account a while ago, in anger, when I was locked out again. That one is lvl 28 now. That is saying a lot about how often and how much PTC has been offline.

For all the updates, all the events, the one thing I’d really like them to fix is this. Do not let my game go off line all the time. It is driving me insane.

I even considered quitting my PTC account and just play on my google account, but… I can’t. My PTC account is my baby. We have been through so much. Rain, snow, freezing nights in the dark, battling, hunting, having fun, back when I played with the team. He got me through losing our beloved cat, Life. Whenever I was too sad, I’d turn on the game and just go. I don’t want to lose him. I want PTC to be fixed. Permanently.

Also, he is called Nahorim… I know. Naming him from the one character in my books, I adore the most… I had to. Nahorim is always with me. Now, as a pokemon trainer as well, however wrong that may sound.

Aside from that, I adore the new update.

The fact that you no longer train to support your team members, has removed the need to gym shave almost completely. Now, you might as well take down an enemy gym instead, because with only six spots in the gyms, it is very easy to defeat them and claim them for yourself. I am not seeing any gym shavers around here anymore, which is awesome.

The “first in, first attacked,” is really great as well, because it usually means that it is the people with the strong accounts who are attacked first in the gyms, leaving the smaller accounts to be safe a lot more than before.

Back with the old system, no children were playing the game anymore, because the game was owned by grown ups with multiple high level, and multiple color accounts.

Now, new players and children actually have a chance again, which I find to be awesome. My boyfriend is only lvl 29 and in the old game, he could never stay in a gym for long, where as now, he can be protected by me, and he won’t get shaved out. When he comes home, it is because the gym is defeated.

It makes it much more fair, in every possible way.

I know that a lot of people has been bitching about the new system for collecting coins, but I think it is brilliant. Back in the old game, we had gyms we held for 5 or 6 months at the time, and the only change would be if a gym shaver came by and kicked out the lowest level player. If one of those gyms went down, we would assemble at 3 in the night and reclaim them, easily discouraging the other teams from touching them, ever again.

Now, that won’t do us any good. Now, we HAVE to come home every day, or we won’t get any coins.

For me, living in a place with two gyms now, I could easily feed my pokemons berries ten times a day, and stay forever, and I could easily stop the other players from taking my gyms, because I did that in the past, simply by just being there at all times, at all hours of the day. But the game has changed. Now, I want them to get me. Now, I want them to have a fighting chance.

That is without doubt the best thing to have happened for Pokemon Go since the game was launched. You WANT the other teams to send you home, so the only game is that you want to be strong enough to stay for 11 hours, but not too strong, because they have to want to fight you. It makes the game much more dynamic, and much more fair. And it prevents a gang like my old team from holding 24 gyms for months at the time. Yes, we did that. Obsessively.

I know that people are angry that you can only earn 50 coins a day now, instead of the usual 100, but I kind of dig that too. I understand that it is taking a lot of time and effort to make a game like this and that most players play it for FREE without ever paying a dime, and still they think they have the right to bitch about how they are not getting as many free coins as they used to.

I don’t mind spending money on a good game. I will admit that I have spent a ton of money on the My Little Pony game, but I have supported Pokemon as well, especially when I think they have made a great update like this one. Someone has to pay for it. I don’t mind helping.

The raid battles is another great addition to the game. I have fought a lot of raids already, and while it might be frustrating to have isolated yourself from most of the local players, I have met a lot of other players lately, from all three teams, who I have fought side by side with and had a ton of fun with.

The raid battles takes away a lot of the animosity between the teams, and it allows for my team valor friend to actually play the game with me, as a friend, rather than an enemy, which is amazing. I really missed that in the old game.

I love that I can still raid battle on my own, so even if I have no friends to play with, I am not totally kicked out of the game, and I think it is completely fair that I cannot take down lvl 3 and 4 raids alone.

All in all, this update has got me playing again. It has made me smile again, made me love the game again and most importantly, it has made me feel like a ten year old boy, out to become the very best trainer the world has ever seen, again…

Thumbs up, Niantic. Really. This update rocks.

I only have one thing that is really, really killing the game for me. How my boyfriend and I cannot take down a gym and both of us get in afterwards.

I believe that you guys originally stated that it was a glitch, and I really hope it is, because waiting 10 minutes to enter a gym you just defeated is in every possible scenario, unacceptable.

I have spoken to some players who think that it is on purpose though, to keep players with multiple accounts from adding more than one account and if that is the case, it is ridiculous.

I have been told that if my boyfriend and I add our pokemons at the same time, we will both get in, without the waiting 10 minutes. I get how that would be bothersome for multiple account players, but it also defeats the “first in, first attacked” part of the game. It means that I cannot be sure that I am first in, and thus, that I cannot protect him, unless we want to wait 10 minutes to make sure to add him after me. While watching my battery burn down… and my boyfriend losing interest in the game, because it is dark and cold and raining, and fuck it, let’s just go home…

I love playing with him. I love the game. Please fix this.

I will say too, that as someone who has never spoofed, and who has walked every single km with my phone in my hand, at all hours of the day, in all kinds of weather, I reserve the right to play both my accounts.

If PTC had been working, I wouldn’t have made the google account, but as it is, I have been forced to spend almost as much time (and money,) on that account as on my main account, and I will never find it acceptable that I cannot get it into a gym I have just defeated without waiting 10 minutes. If Niantic doesn’t want multi account players, they should not make it an option to begin with. Now that it is, do not punish us for playing the game. If I had not created my google account, I would have quit the game back then, because PTC was too unreliable. I have been jumping through hoops to play this game, and I have done everything I possibly could to make myself keep loving it. Do not punish me for that.

Please fix that gym glitch. Please say that it is a glitch.

It is not just me. One of my friends has a child, who plays. Whenever she defeats a gym, she likes to add the child as well, so they both get a few coins. Now, she has to wait 10 minutes to do so. How is that fair?

Hell, the game even tells me to try a different account when PTC is down…

All the while, most of my old team, plays on two phones and a tablet, so they are not the ones waiting in the cold and the rain to add all their accounts. All this “glitch” does, is punish the poor players, who only have one phone.

That said, I still love the game, and being as obsessive as I am, I am waiting patiently for 10 minutes when I have taken a gym, so I can get my google account and my boyfriend in as well.

But while I wait, I close the game, and play My Little Pony or Dragon Mania Legends. Or roam around on face book and twitter. So all this does, it make me turn off the game. That can hardly be your point, can it, Niantic?

Still, LOVE the update, love how it got me back in the game, even without a team behind me, and love the dynamic gyms. Way, way better than before.


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