I think I managed to not even mention on my blog, that my new book was published last month. Well done, V.

Anyway, book four in the Legacy Series; Torchlight, is out now! Check out the e-book on Amazon;

Drawn across the universe by a mysterious light, Lace leads his siblings headfirst into a conflict with the Lightbringer and her army, as she aims to take over the universe.

As book four in the Legacy series, Torchlight introduces the child born to Naim and Willkataga, a witch who rivals Lace in magical ability, but who furthermore possesses the psychic abilities of Islaeen’s bloodline.

Lines are drawn across space and time, as Lace is slowly guided by the Hand of Fate, unable to escape fighting.

I have the paperback out as well, so here they are, all four of them;

Link to the paperback;

Yes, my camera died during Gishwhes, so this is a cellphone shot. Works pretty well, though… Don’t let me have a lamp like this… I will do stupid pictures, just because I can. Even without photoshop or a camera…

The Starstone Series;

My three other books; (yes, thats a Rainbow Dash.)

I haven’t written a lot lately. I still look at my books and wonder how I managed to write all this. To create worlds like these ones. How I am ever going to end the last book in the Legacy Series. Which is probably why I am not writing much. I don’t want them to end.

Oh, and not forgetting Noel’s poetry collection, by the way. I still love that one, and I usually include it when I take pictures of my own books…

I love the difference in our covers. It perfectly displays the difference in how we write and think. We should pick up that book we are writing together again… I loved how she would challenge me. Sometimes it is just so hard to find time for everything.



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