The Legacy Series is a science fantasy series, and I am currently writing on book five in the series.

Book one, ROCKSTAR;

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Rockstar is the first book in The Legacy series and it has it all; music, space pirates, magic, love and loss. It blends modern pop culture, social media and science fantasy in a new and refreshing way.

Picking up almost a century after the Starstone Series ended, the Legacy series sees the return of some of the major characters, although it can be read independently. 

Book two; TIME LOCK;


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Stuck in time, Naim has to lay low.

But how can he hide that he is the greatest wizard ever born, and when push comes to shove, does he really want to let go of who he used to be?

Time Lock is book two in the Legacy series, and follows Naim as he is thrown head first into the equestrian world, where he finally meets a psychiatrist who is willing to go to great lengths to save his soul.



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Siblings Rosé and Lace find that their lives as they knew them are over, once a wanted space pirate crosses their paths. Before they know it, they are thrown headfirst into a world of prophesies, legends and magic, where even the smallest actions have consequences they cannot foresee. 

Winterflame is book three in the Legacy Series and picks up the story of Naim, Kaleen and their family, twenty years after Time Lock, sending all of them on new adventures as the pattern of the universe refuse to let Naim disappear. 

Book four, TORCHLIGHT;


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Drawn across the universe by a mysterious light, Lace leads his siblings headfirst into a conflict with the Lightbringer and her army, as she aims to take over the universe.

As book four in the Legacy series, Torchlight introduces the child born to Naim and Willkataga, a witch who rivals Lace in magical ability, but who furthermore possesses the psychic abilities of Islaeen’s bloodline.

Lines are drawn across space and time, as Lace is slowly guided by the Hand of Fate, unable to escape fighting.

All e-books can be found on Amazon, or through this blog’s “ebook” page. 

The Last book in the Legacy Series will be out late in 2018, if all goes well.