The Starstone Series is a fantasy series and consists of five books; The Hand of Fate, The Twins, The Crown Prince, The Unicorns Horn and The Shadow of Time.

Cover Final Small The Hand of Fate, Hardcover:;jsessionid=C7E9F984AE0F744848D8E24200FF9EFC

hand of fate red front The Hand of Fate, paperback;

Cover - The Twins The Twins, Hardcover:

twins red front The Twins, Paperback;

Cover The Crown PrinceHardcover;

Scrap Cover Red The Crown Prince, Paperback,

Cover White The Unicorn’s Horn, Hardcover;

Cover Red The Unicorn’s Horn, Paperback;

Cover Red UK The Shadow of Time, Paperback;

The Hand of Fate, brief description:

Cover Final Small hand of fate red front

“A catching story of love, ambition and vengeance unfolds as the twin girls from the elven kingdom, Cazal and Lien, grow up in a time of war. Playing their parts as only women can, with cunning and stealth, they end up on opposite sides as the war moves closer to home.

The Hand of Fate is about to be attacked and stand to lose unless humans and elves unite against the mighty force of the dragons.

All over the world, people have to ask themselves; do they want to fight to preserve the Hand of Fate that has until now, guided their lives or do they want the freedom to make mistakes and walk away from what was supposed to be their destiny?

As the story takes an unexpected turn that brings the ancient artefact, the Starstone in play, Cazal and Lien find that they have grown apart and cannot put their differences aside once they come to face each other, while the world around them falls apart.

It is a story about growing up, finding your place in life and choosing your battles that most teens as well as adults will passionately relate to.”

The Twins, brief description:

Cover - The Twins twins red front

“The Twins is the second book in the Starstone Series. It is a catching, heartwarming, cruel and intriguing follow -up to The Hand of Fate, that will leave you spell bound, right from the start.

In the aftermath of the war of the Crystal Valley, Cazal and Lien find themselves on the run, desperately trying to escape the reach of the dark wizard, Thalid, and the mysterious Shadow Cat, that seem intent on claiming the Starstone.

The human kingdom is on the brink of civil war, placing Hanadrim and Lien, in midst of a scheme to overthrow the young King Chale of RoyAndor.

Cazal finds no peace, even as she takes refuge in the elven kingdom of Leaffall, forever haunted by her past. Can she find a way to be redeemed, or are some things just unforgivable?”

The Crown Prince, brief description:

Scrap Cover Red Cover

“The Crown Prince is the third book in The Starstone Series. It is a raw, honest story, of a young man with no one to support him, and no one to catch him when he falls.

By far, the darkest of the series, The Crown Prince keeps the twisted humor from the two first books, as it paints a detailed picture of the future elven king.

The elven prince, Nahorim, grows up in the army, desperate to escape an abusive home and everything inside him, struggling to control the overwhelming amount of magic his blood contains.

All the while, the White Queen is preparing for war, seeking to reclaim what the elves once stole from her.

Are the Children of the Light finally going to turn on each other in battle?”

The Unicorn’s Horn, brief description;

Cover Red Cover White

“The Unicorn’s Horn, is the fourth book in the Starstone Series. The long awaited follow-up to the Crown Prince, picks up the story thirty years later, as the Shadow of Time is moving closer to the borders of Ceeron and Leaffall.

Nahorim finds himself hard pressed to prevent another war, as the White Queen raises an army, prepared to back up her newfound champions, in their quest to get her horn back.

The human girls, Cassio and Linea, is thrown headfirst into a world of magic, unicorns, elves, war, and love. Unsure where their alliances lies, their choices will rule the fate of many.”

The Shadow of Time, brief description; 

Cover Red UK Cover White UK

The Shadow of Time is the fifth and final book in the Starstone Series.

It is about finding your place in this world, being who you were born to be, and learning to pick your battles.

Tying up the loose ends of the previous books, the Shadow of Time is the epic ending of this hauntingly beautiful story.

Will the Starstone be recovered and if so, what repercussions will that send across the world? Do you always keep fighting, or does there come a time, when all you can do is run?

The hourglass is turning.

All books exist in a Danish translation.

All books exist as e-books on Amazon.


6 Responses to Starstone

  1. Bookworm says:

    When I read this book I can’t avoid seeing it as a film. It could be a film as exciting as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings… But there is an interesting difference: the main character is a young and very rebellious woman who is acting among wizards, princes, soldiers, elfs, dragons, winguards and intrigueing women… I am very much looking forward to seeing her develop in the next books…

  2. I could see it as a very good movie as well….
    It is not like any book I have ever read, and I have read a lot…
    So the only question it, what part will I be playing?
    So now we are up to making 6 films????

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