Poetry/Short Stories

This page is for books published by Veronica Merlin, that belongs to no series.

For Surviving the Equestrian World, The Starstone Series, (the Danish version; Stjernestenen,) The Legacy Series, and my E-books, please check my other pages, or go straight to Lulu for the Hardcover/paperbacks; http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Kallikanzaros 

The Short Stories – Collection One 

front lulu



“Every story has its own life. Its own purpose.

I never felt like I was creating worlds, or making up characters. They were always there, each and every one of them, waiting for me, to let them open their eyes and tell their story.

As a writer, I give them a voice. Truth be told, that is all I do.


From the author of The Starstone Series, Surviving the Equestrian World, and This Song, here it is; Veronica Merlin’s Short Stories, Collection one.”

This Song, my poetry collection; 


This Song;




Cover Small - this songIMG_8240 



The dedication is for a childhood friend of mine, who left us way too soon. This Song is released on what should have been her 28th birthday and a huge part of this book is written in her honor.

This isn’t just any poetry book, this is a beautiful collection of a musicians songs. Heartfelt lyrics about sorrow, dealing with the loss of loved ones and loving someone so much that it’s feels almost unbearable. It is also about fighting, fighting for what you believe in and fighting for someone with all your might.

There are songs that’ll make you smile, some that might make you cry and I’m sure that all of them will touch you in one way or another. They sure touched me.

–          Amalie Constance Pilegaard Hansen

I see you have “In the shadow of life” in here. That song always make me cry. It is so beautiful and so sad. I’m done with the whole book now and I’m speechless.
I have read most of these before but to read them all at once… So beautiful and so emotional. I feel like I know you better now, in a way. An amazing journey.

–      Charlotte Ellegaard

IMG_8650 24



4 Responses to Poetry/Short Stories

  1. fifi leigh says:

    the covers look nice, peaceful and heavenly. the light shining bright on top looks like a heavenly light from God because all animals go to Heaven.

  2. Bookworm says:

    An Amazing Poem Collection

    “The flame burned so brightly
    The passion were so strong
    The spark of life so radiant
    Now it’s just this song”

    This poem could stand as a `Starstone’ for “This Song”.

    This collection of poems has it all: love, life, brightness, joy, beauty, but mostly sadness, loss, grief, life-blood, meeting and leaving, and life and death… in one word: life.

    So pretty that it is difficult not to cry some tears…

    “Can I make my dreams fly, or will I always try not to cry?”

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