Dark Mare

Dark Mare Pictures, Website is currently under construction.

Dark Mare Pictures

Creativity is at the heart of every project and we strive for excellence when solving any challenge.

We offer a refreshingly individualised approach to the entire production process from pre-production to post-production, allowing our clients to benefit from a very flexible workflow. The goal is to create a powerful and immersive messages that the target audience can understand and appreciate.

We have extensive experience, delivering complex content in an easily accessible way, aimed at wide audiences. We also excel at presenting challenging subjects in detail, with a focus on experts within the field of interest.


Nanoscopy short film, made in cooperation with MEMPHYS at the University of Southern Denmark. (Spoken language is Danish.)

May the Fourth outtake spoof from Dark Mare’s Series, Heartbreak East;

Dark Mare produced short film;

Dark Mare animated logo, remember to turn on your sound;

Dark Mare deconstruction video;

Dark Mare animated cyber arm, teaser for web series, Heartbreak East;

Dark Mare produced Music Video;

The subtitles are not the most lyrical perfection, but they are a fair translation of the song, which we deemed more important, just this once. It is a tribute to the Team Mother, so to speak, and as such, a rather personal video.

Find us on Twitter; @Dark_Mare

On Instagram; @dark.mare

Or look us up on face book;



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